I Am on a Mission to Help Ambitious People Turn Their Passion, Skills or Ideas Into a Career and Live Happier Life Doing Something They Love.

What Would You Like to Do If Money Was No Object?

How Would You Really Enjoy Spending Your Life?

Really simple questions, yet most people fail to answer them, because current educational system and society taught us to believe that is more “normal” to have a regular job that you hate instead of doing something you are actually passionate about.

It is considered “normal” to:

  • get a degree studying theory instead of acquiring practical knowledge and experience,
  • get a regular job doing things you don’t like doing (if you are lucky enough to even get a job),
  • have zero control over your life because you have to do everything your boss says otherwise you get fired,
  • wait for the weekends and vacations in order to escape from your “regular” life,
  • hope that you live long enough to retire, so you can actually start enjoying your life (in case pensions are still a thing by then),


Since 2007 I had an opportunity to work with hundreds of people from all around the world, which allowed me to meet interesting people who were not following the “general” rules.

I worked with people who are working for startups, small businesses and big corporations, people who just started their entrepreneurial journey and people who made millions starting their own businesses, people who turned passion and hobbies into an income and people who were only focusing on making more money, etc…

Since I spent a lot of time with those people, it was always interesting to me, to see differences in their quality of life, because that helped me decide where I want to take my life as well.

And I came to a conclusion that people who figured out a way to integrate their passion into their career live happier and more fulfilled life than other people. 

So my goal is to deliver as much valuable information as possible that will help you design your life around your passion, skill or an idea and live happier life doing something YOU love.

Which of the following best describes you?

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1) I need help figuring out what my passion is

2) I want to start a business related to my passion, skill or an idea

3) I want to take my business related to my passion, skill or an idea to the next level